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Company Bottle Drives

Donate bottles to an organisation of your choice

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Company Bottle Drive Donations with the ReCollect App

ReCollect allows business and community groups to collectively donate their recyclables to a worthy cause. It's free to register and you choose who gets your donations! Company bottle drives are a great way for companies, corporations, businesses, and community groups to a local charity with ease.

  • 1. Download the App and Register Your Company Bottle Drive

    Download ReCollect from the App Store or Google Play, or visit our web app. Sign up your company bottle drive and select an organisation to donate your returns to.

  • 2. Promote Your Company Bottle Drive

    Get employees, members, friends, and family to signup and donate to your company bottle drive. There are many ways to promote: Share your referral link (visible on your admin dashboard) to get your members to donate, post your link to social media, add it to your newsletter/website, and use the share buttons built in the app.

  • 3. Check Your Progress

    Your bottle drive administrator can check the impact of your company bottle drive including funds raised for your charity and the carbon offset from your recycling efforts. Personal or Corporate tax receipts available.

  • 4. That's It!

    Thanks to your company bottle drive, the local charity selected will automagically receive your returns. In addition you'll have reduce your carbon footprint by keeping plastic, glass and aluminum out of the landfill!

Why it's awesome

ReCollect aims to provide an easy and convenient recycling service for all company bottle drives

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Help charity

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It's free

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how ReCollect works for bottle drives

Absolutely! Some customers prefer to donate their containers to a worthy cause! ReCollect helps facilitate this by allowing customers to donate to local charities on pick up or redemption. Tax receipts are then issued to customers by the charity.

Charities use ReCollect for free but are encouraged to help spread the word (it's in your best interests!). We will provide a registration link for your organisation. Any new users registering with your link will be shown your organisation information and will be setup to automatically donate to your charity.

100% of the customer's returns will be donated. However, we offer slightly lower deposit rates than a depot. Eventually, we hope to remove this and offer full deposit rates as more people sign up for ReCollect!

You can register here! We need the following information from the charity: Full Charity Name, Full Charity Mission Statement, PNG / Logo of Charity, CRN (Charity Registration Number), Email Address and Direct Deposit Information. There is also an approval process which involves us verifying who you say you are, the email address and your charitable status through the government. After that, you're good to go!

Charity administrators can find a registration link on their dashboard, which can be used to default users who register using the link into donating to your charity. Use this link to promote donations to your cause!

Charity administrators can log into the system and initiate an Electronic Fund Transfer to accept the donations.

Just some good publicity. Spread the word! Tell others, give us a shout out on social media. Remember, the more customers you sign up using your registration link, the more your organisation benefits!

How does ReCollect work?

ReCollect aims to make recycling as simple and convenient as possible

How much does ReCollect cost?

ReCollect is free! ReCollect pays you for recycling bottles and cans.

Is ReCollect in your area?

ReCollect is always expanding into new communities and cities.

Ready to try ReCollect?

Upgrade your recycling game and get your time back

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