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Not your city?


Using ReCollect Makes (Dollars and) Cents


Pricing Plans

Whether you need your recycling picked or are looking to fundraise, ReCollect is here to help. We offer a range of pickup options from single family homes to apartment complexes and commercial businesses.

Not your city?


10¢(Beverage Containers)

  • Counts Verified
  • Picture Confirmed
  • Driver ETA
  • Recurring Pickups
  • Up to a 30% Service Fee


10¢(Beverage Containers)

  • Counts Verified
  • Multi Site Pickups
  • Weekly Pickups
  • Industrial Bins & Bags
  • Up to a 30% Service Fee


10¢(Beverage Containers)

  • Donor Information Provided
  • Free Marketing Materials
  • Social Media Shout Outs
  • Continuous Donations
  • 0% Service Fee(Conditions apply)

High Volume

10¢(Beverage Containers)

  • 50,000+ Containers per Month
  • Counts Verified
  • Picture Confirmed
  • 0% Service Fee(Conditions apply)

How does ReCollect work?

ReCollect aims to make recycling as simple and convenient as possible

What does ReCollect do?

We don't just help with household recycling, we also help with commercial businesses, charities, and more!

Is ReCollect in your area?

ReCollect is always expanding into new communities and cities.

Ready to try ReCollect?

Upgrade your recycling game and get your time back

ReCollect Truck
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