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Bottle & Can Fundraising For Your Organisation



ReCollect uses bottles & cans to generate valuable fundraising dollars for your organisation. The best part? We do all the work. Just sign up and we'll collect, count and transfer your organisation the cash. We work with every type of organisation from registered charities, local sports teams, sport leagues, church and community groups, not for profits or even the solo ride-for-cancer missions. Find out more below:


Charity Fundraising

Use bottles & cans to fundraise for your charity!

  • Year round fundraising
  • Issue tax receipts to your donors
  • No volunteers or weekends required

Not-For-Profit Fundraising

Collect recurring donations for your Not-For-Profit!

  • Keep track of all donations online
  • No need to rent trucks
  • Free to sign up

School Fundraising

Setup a school fundraiser using bottles & cans!

  • New bottle funded school supplies
  • No space allocation needed
  • Run fundraising year-round

Club Fundraising

Support your club from the comfort of home!

  • No need to drop bottles off at the depot
  • No coordinating with volunteers
  • Get your weekends back!

League Fundraising

Automated, league wide fundraising for all associated clubs!

  • Year-round fundraising
  • Centralized donation account
  • Large digital donation potential

Community Fundraising

Donate directly to your community with ReCollect!

  • Support local initiatives
  • Clean up the Neighborhood
  • Recycle & Get Value!

Church Fundraising

Donate to your church with ReCollect!

  • Help pay for infrastructure
  • Increase donations
  • Periodic donations

Personal Fundraising

Fundraise for personal goals too. Help your family or start a beer fund!

  • Easy for families to support
  • We pickup your bottles & cans
  • Let friends & family support

Is ReCollect in your area?

ReCollect is always expanding into new communities and cities.

What's a bottle drive?

Fundraising and donating to local charities is easy with ReCollect by donating straight through the app.

Ready to try ReCollect?

Upgrade your recycling game and get your time back

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