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Frequently asked questions

How App-Based Recycling Works!

Yes. You can book a pickup whenever you want! Our available dates and schedules for your pickup will depend on your area and the frequency of your zone. If you’re looking to return your bottles immediately, you will still have to go to an actual bottle depot. If you don’t want to go to a bottle depot, use ReCollect!

No! We come to you. That's kind of our thing :) You get to do other things with your time, we pick up the containers and e-Transfer you the money.

Download our app or use https://app.re-collect.com.au/register to create an account.
Press “book a pickup” and enter your address, date, and any donation preferences. Use the directions / comments section to give specific instructions for the driver to find your secure location (Example: “Call this number when arriving”, “Bags are alongside fence”, etc).
On your pickup day, place your bags outside in your secure location by 8am. The driver will pick up your bags between 8am and 5pm, label them, and take them to our counting facility. Once counted, your account will be updated with your new balance and counts. Request an e-Transfer to redeem your balance. You will be notified every step of the way!

First, check your spam / junk mail folder. We are just starting out and mail services don’t know who we are yet. If it’s not there email us and we will have a look into it.

1 bag with at least 150 containers. If you have smaller bags please have around 150 containers

Yes. It helps us keep everything together and makes sure your containers are counted accurately.

You don’t have to be home. Just have your bags placed in your secure location by 8 am and directions filled out for the driver in the comments section.
We also don’t need anything sorted. We do need containers to be placed in big garbage bags (no boxes!) for your first pickup.

There is no charge for the pickup. However, we offer slightly lower deposit rates than a bottle depot. You can check out our container rates. There’s also a $1.50 fee from the bank applied for e-Transfers, and a min $25 cash out policy.

Never! We hope to make running bottle drives and collecting donations easier than ever!
We have over 200+ local charities and not-for-profits signed up. ReCollect customers can select an organization in the donations section when scheduling a pickup.
Register your charity or not-for-profit as a ReCollect partner.

Yes, we sure do! Most businesses will find that our rates are better than most commercial recycling programs.
We offer a variety of regularly-scheduled pickup options. When scheduling your next pickup, simply set the desired frequency for your pickups. You can schedule weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pickups (other schedules available upon request).
Remember to use the directions and comments section for any special lock codes or areas our drivers need access to.

Absolutely! We just need access to your building’s recycling room to make your pickup as smooth as possible!
Let your building management company know you’re interested in our service! Setup is easy and convenient for the entire building!

Typically, within 48 hours from time of pickup.

What does ReCollect do?

We don't just help with household recycling, we also help with commercial businesses, charities, and more!

Is ReCollect in your area?

ReCollect is always expanding into new communities and cities.

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